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just going to be a checklist for all the FINISHED cosplays I have. there will be 2 boxes next to each cosplay to be checked. Box 1 is for the wig and box 2 is for the actual costume :3

Levi (SnK)                           [ ] [x]
Vocaloid Len                        [ ] [ ]
L Lawliet                             [x] [x] DONE! :D
Matt                                   [ ] [ ]
Belphegor                           [x] [ ]
TYL!Belphegor                     [ ] [x]
Ciel Phantomhive                 [x] [x] DONE! X3
Finn (Adventure Time)           [ ] [ ]
Death the Kid                       [ ] [ ]
Arthur Kirkland (UK)             [x] [ ]
Gilbert Beilschmidt (Prussia)  [ ] [ ]
Sora (Kingdom Hearts 2)       [x] [ ]
Halloween Town Sora            [x] [ ]
Lovino Vargas (S. Italy)         [ ] [ ]
Shoichi Irie                          [ ] [ ]
Young Squalo                       [ ] [ ]
No-Face (Spirited Away)        [ ] [ ]
Ash Ketchum                       [ ] [ ]
Cheshire Cat (Pandora <3's)  [ ] [ ]
Rin Okumura                       [ ] [ ]
Kuroko Tetsuya                    [ ] [ ]
Zuko (ATLA)                        [ ] [ ] 
Male!BRS                            [x] [ ]
Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto)         [ ] [ ]
Kyo Sohma (Fruits Basket)     [ ] [ ]
Jafar (Magi)                         [ ] [ ]
Edward Elric (FMA)                [ ] [ ]

And I'll add others to the list. As you can see (or not, I still have 0 watchers XD) most of my cosplays are not even CLOSE to being finished :I I'm a very slow person and I don't have anyway to get money except doing 5$ chores (If only I was old enough to get a job. . . ) I buy most of my cosplays because I have NO SEWING SKILLS WHATSOEVER but ya know what ev. There will be one exception. I can't find any good quality Halloween town Sora costumes online so I'm probably going to make that from scratch which will be hard. And I will be making my Belphegor and TYL!Belphegor props and weapons due to lack of money to supply those. plus it's a waist of time and money to buy plastic knives on ebay for 10 bucks when I can easily make them with a sheet of metal in my basement (which I already have, If you've seen me as Bel at Anime boston 2013 you would know :D). Let me know who you think I should cosplay as from the shows:

~Sword Art Online
~Avatar (Legend of Korra)

And please recommend any shows for me to watch, I love discovering new series ^^


Jay2024's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
What's up my fellow citizens of this planet! This is BOTH my art account and cosplay account (of course my art will be more posted then cosplay because barely any of my cosplays are done)
My name's Jay (Not for real, I just don't let out my real name) and I cosplay Anime series.
such as:

:bulletgreen: Hetalia:
-England :iconenglandplz:
-Italy :iconhetaliaitalyplz:
-Prussia :iconprussiaw00tplz:
:bulletblue: Black Butler:
-Ciel :iconphantomhiveplz:
:bulletyellow: Vocaloid (Even though that isn't an Anime series):
-Len Kagamine :iconlenkagamineplz:
:bulletblack: Death Note:
-L~! :iconldeathnoteplz:
-Matt! :iconmattfaceplz:
:bulletorange: Ouran Highschool Host Club:
-HARUHI :iconharuhifujiokaplz:
:bulletblue: Kuroko no basuke:

-Kuroko Tetsuya~
:bulletred: Soul Eater:
-most likely Death The Kid :icondeaththekidplz:
:bulletblack: Katekyo Hitman Reborn:
-Belphegor :iconbelphegorplz:
-Young Squalo (when he had short hair) :iconsqualoplz:

-Shoichi Irie
:bulletblue: Adventure Time:
-Finn :iconfinnthehumanplz:
:bulletred: Pokemon:
-Ash Ketchum :iconashmadplz:
:bulletorange: Pandora Hearts:

-Cheshire Cat
:bulletgreen: Spirited away:

- No-Face
:bulletblue: Ao No Exorcist:
- Rin Okumura~! :iconaonoexorcistplz:
:bulletorange: Naruto:
-Sasuke Uchiha :iconsasukeuchihaplz:

And possibly more ^^
That is if i find an anime i really like that I feel like cosplaying for... I really like that series Angel Beats but I wouldn't know who to be if I did cosplay from that series XD I'll think about it. :iconyuiangelbeatsplz:

I'm part of a group that's being set up to post videos on youtube. ^^ We haven't done anything yet (Mostly because we haven't finished getting our cosplays and we only have 3 members. I wish we had more cosplay friends to join us but all the others either live far or way or we can't contact them as much TT^TT) but i hope once we get started that people will like our videos. The only cosplay I have COMPLETELY is Ciel's because I was him for halloween. the rest is a Work in progress. I also have my england wig and my Len Kagamine is being set up as well. i hope i can finish this >.< ((BTW this is also my art account for now :/ i deleted my other one)



:bulletblue: Kingdom Hearts~~~:
-SORA!! X) :iconkhsoraplz:

i LOVE this game series! I just wish someone would cosplay Riku with me =3= . . .

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